The Six Corrections Your Fitness Lifestyle Needs

The Six Corrections Your Fitness Lifestyle Needs.

No matter how you look at it, fitness is everywhere. Whether your goal is to build the ultimate physique or to shed a few pounds; or to transform your body and to maintain a healthy active lifestyle, it is inevitable that we all have different goals and aspirations.

True, yes… but there are definitely some areas that – regardless of your individual end goals – we are all equally affected by. We all have that dreaded target area that we want to slim up or fill out, and we all have our own ideas of doing it.

We don’t all see fitness the same way, and we certainly don’t all share the same knowledge and expertise. So, in a general context, let’s address some of the things that may be holding you back from noticing your fitness flaws and maximizing your physical potential.

Your ego trumps your accuracy.

fitness-photographer-fort-lauderdale-0016We’ve all seen person at the gym… stacking four plates per side on the flat bench press, struggling to lift the bar off of the rack, barely making a movement downward, and lifting the left side then right side on the way back up. Congratulations, you can successfully injure yourself.

Let’s be logical here. We all love the feeling of a good burn. We all enjoy the sensation of hitting a personal best, and destroying a killer workout. Just don’t forget to be practical.

Form is your best friend. Without ensuring that you activate a full range of motion, you’re doing yourself a serious disservice (yes, at times, there is an exception to this). I see this at the gym all the time, the frightening form of a dreadful bench press.

Not only are you doing yourself a disservice toward building some serious size, but you’re eminently increasing your risk of injury (Again… such a sad sight with the bench press). And to further that point – if you’re one of those that claim “no matter what I do, I just can’t seem to put size on my chest,” that’s probably because you’re doing it wrong… half reps, elbows out wide, activating mainly your triceps and deltoids (increasing your risk of serious injury). It’s time to tighten that up. Keep those elbows nice and close to your sides – whether you are using a wide or close grip – keeping your elbows in will help your stretch your pectorals and hit the muscles you’re really trying to activate – I promise you, this works. Furthering this subject, when you’re pumping out those chest flyes that you’ve superset with your press, keep your elbows in, and let those dumbbells down lower. Not in the sense of lower to the ground, but closer to your upper abdominals/lower pectorals. This will allow you to stretch your pectorals full, and will increase your full range of motion – it makes a world of difference.

Your single rep of a 370 lbs bench press and a two-month back injury can take a hike; concentrate on your form, hit that full range of motion, and leave your ego at the door.

You care way too much about the mirror.oval_mirror

Seriously though, you don’t have to check for gains after every single set. It’s going to happen, if you keep consistent, if you stay dedicated and train your heart out, if you’re smart about your form and technique, and if you replenish your body and feed your muscles, your time will come.

Getting fit doesn’t just happy overnight. It’d be nice if it did, but then everyone else would have no reason to call us ‘crazy,’ and where’s the fun in that? Seriously though, fitness takes time. Whether you’re an elite athlete, or a personal trainer, or you’ve never stepped foot in the gym, fitness is a lifestyle. You need to eat for your goals, train for your goals, reach for your goals, and dedicate yourself to attaining them.

You think fitness is only about size.

Wrong. You could not be more wrong. Fitness is about being healthy and comfortable in your mind and body.

Whether you’re looking for a full-body-bulk, or to trim off some fat, or an entire bodily transformation, you need to realize that fitness is more than just that. Sure, those are fantastic goals, and definitely a great means of motivation. But you need to allow fitness to impact you in a healthy manner. From eating habits, to regulating exercise, to your clearer state of mind, fitness can have a profound impact on your entire lifestyle.

Personally, fitness has impacted so many areas of my life in such a positive way. Fitness has allowed me to think clearer, to develop a routine, increased my self-confidence, contributed to a cleaner and healthier diet, and structured a composed and goal-oriented lifestyle.88dff80ce5b96593e3d81f1cfda074a2_d6efa0e_image_compassion

You forget the most important equation.

Fitness truly is 60% diet, 40% training, and 100% dedication to the lifestyle.

Nutrition is extremely important for so many aspects of you physical well-being. Now, add in a physically active individual, and nutrition becomes even more important.

A brilliant fitness guru, and an astounding personal physique once said, “Stay out of the aisles of the grocery store, seriously though, only hit the perimeter that stuff in the aisles has been developed and genetically modified over the last 100 years, that stuff is not good for you.”

He’s right though. Anything that is loaded with preservatives and has been genetically modified in any way can’t be that good for you, or even at all. Stick to the outside, the fresh stuff, the real fruits and veggies, and the real meat proteins.

Brain-FitnessThe further you dive into the fitness lifestyle, the more likely you may realize that eating for nutrients is more important to you than eating for flavor all of the time.

Nonetheless, where would we be without that 40% training? It seems weird saying 40% of fitness is comprised of training. But don’t take that number lightly. You need to be in there grinding and training your heart out to get to where you want to be.

And lastly, you’ve gotta be committed. You really, truly do. Dedication to fitness impacts such a profound aspect of your persona, I guarantee you that if you can stick to this formula, and you will excel in much more than just a physical manner. You’ll think clearer, you’ll walk taller, and you will have such a positive outlook on each and every day. Give it a shot.

You need a material reason to do it.24345990_SA

I bumped into an old friend the other day that really struck home with a solid argument about his outlook on fitness.

So many people need a reason to be fit; to get in the gym and grind it out, and sweat like a pig. So many people feel that, “I’m going away on a trip, so I need to work out.”

I don’t really believe in this theory. I mean, if you need something to motivate you, I can dig that. But I feel like training for something like this is only going to lead to a relapse of whatever you were doing for the past years of your life once the trip is over.

Why not take the initiative to be in great shape all of the time? You never know what kind of experiences you can run into. Be spontaneous and live adventurously, keep your body tuned and ready for whatever is meant to happen. You don’t need a material reason to be fit and healthy. Whatever happened to, “I want to be fit and look good because [why the hell not?] It’s healthy for my mind and my body.”

You know everything… except you really don’t at all.

You’re educated, sure. But are you?

There are so many different styles to fitness, so many different approaches, exercises, diets, movements, and factors that can shape the individual physique and lifestyle. So, do you really know everything? Probably not. And hey, for a lot of people, you may not know much at all about the gym life. That’s okay.

• Do your research. Read some different takes on different exercises.
• Be open. Not everything that works for someone else will work for you, but some things might, it doesn’t make them wrong and you right.
• Ask for help. There are tons of people out there that would love to help you, and that want to see you succeed; let them.
• Mistakes are cool. Seriously though, you’re not going to be perfect, and you’re certainly going to come across some challenges, let yourself learn from your mistakes, and correct them for the future.

Hopefully you can remember a few of these things next time you hit the gym. If you ever have any questions, we’re always here to help guide you towards achieving your fitness goals.

Keep training your heart out, you deserve it, and we love to see you succeeding.



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