New Years Realizations

New Year's Resolutions

During such an auspicious week – being the New Year and all – I think I might make my first addition to this page about new years resolutions. We’ve all made them and we’ve all thought long and hard about them; and we either keep them or we break them. I myself am in the business of keeping true my revelations; which is why instead of calling them resolutions, I call them realizations. I call them this because a realization implies that I have become fully aware and require change. A resolution only requires that I make a decision regarding change, and not that the change is necessarily important. So for all intents and purposes, we’ll call them realizations for the remainder of this editorial.

Because this is a health and fitness page, we’ll keep the subject of New Year realizations about the aforementioned topic. When I say the word ‘health’, what is it you think of? Do you think of a very toned or very muscular individual with aesthetically pleasing qualities? Or do you realize there is a deeper definition of that word? If you see it as the latter, you are like me. Health is as multifaceted as it is multidimensional. Total health requires that we take care of our mind just as much – and in some cases more often – than our body. Before we can make any move into bettering our bodies, we must first be in the right state of mind. The desire to make a change for the positive is only one part of making change. The other part is will; the ability to go after what is out of your reach, and put it within reach.

So in an attempt to provide a unifying theme, I guess what I’m trying to say is that any realization you come to should be specific to you, and should be achievable short-term. I say short-term because research indicates that the benefits of exercise are compounded when we notice progress on a more frequent basis.New_Years_Resolution_Change_Ahead

As I finish off here, I hope there are a few things you take from all that I’ve written. Firstly, keep your realizations simple and specific to you. Secondly, understand that while you may currently have physical limitations, you have no mental limitations except attitude.  Thirdly, physical limitations will wane the more determined you become. Lastly, health is more than just physical appearances; so take care of who you are while you better what you are.

Stay tuned for the next addition when we discuss the important differences between muscles that get you noticed and the muscles that you don’t notice.

Thanks folks!

Stay fit,

Matthew Picanco, BHSc.



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